Northern Software Developments

FloCal is a network flow program for incompressible fluid flow in pipes, with the ability to take
into account thermal inputs and outputs.  The program is provided with a user friendly,
graphical interface.  Piping systems can be created and edited, with networks being made up
from a series of branches of any specified internal diameter and roughness.  The properties
of the fluid in the branches can be specified and during a thermal analysis, these are
corrected in each element in the system.  Each branch can contain one or more elements
from the built-in library of items such as pumps, pipes, valves, nozzles, filters, orifices,
reservoirs, gradual and abrupt diameter changes, heat sources & sinks and general head
loss items.

Pipe friction head losses are based on the Colebrooke-White equation for pipes, with other
elements, in general, being derived from BS MA 18 and other established data.  Where the
properties of the elements to be used do not comply with the above data, the user can
override the values used in the calculation.  Assistance is provided to use data in the form of
Kv, Cv and flow~pressure loss data.

The program calculates flow rates, pressure drops and temperatures.  The results are
displayed on the graphical representation of the system.  This display may be plotted.  A
formal, easy to read, printed output is also provided, which presents the branch connectivity
and the input data used to describe each element and the calculated values of flow rate,
pressure drop, Reynolds number, flow regime and K-factor, etc.  To aid interpretation of the
results, the user may enter identification for each pipe branch and for each element within
the system.  Up to 1000 branches and elements may be analysed by the program.

The opening state of valves can be set manually or altered by temperature controllers.